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  • Thermostat is also called temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller. It’s a series of automatic control component. According to the change of working temperature, it will cause physical deformation inside the switch, which will produce some special effects, then cause conduction or disconnection. Thermostats have a very wide range of applications. According to different types of thermostats, they are used in many products such as household appliances, motors, refrigeration or heating.





  • Electric heating elements can be used for heating liquid and gas. It is widely used for heating of domestic appliances, such as electric water heater, water dispenser, water heater, electric oven, dryer, electric stove, air conditioning, food grill, electric iron, electric kettle, freezer and so on.




Donghai Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. is located along Hangzhou-Jiaxing Lake Plains in the mid and lower reaches of the Changjiang River.

It is a land flowing with milk and honey. It is 90km away from Hangzhou in the west, 100km from Shanghai in the east. Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway comes close to it in passing. It has transport facilities, elegant and charming environment. Our company is specialized in producing the electrically heated pipes which form a complete set for the electrical appliances  such as sandwich furnace, stainless steelelectric iron, electric water cup, high temperature baking box, air - conditioner etc.


The company presses closely to the market pulse. It actively coordinates with vast customers to jointly develop the new product fields. It functions as certainsupport in the market development and competition. It is famous for its rich experience, consummate technology, superior service among the same trade. It endeavors to provide broad global customers with the value-exceeding new products which are excellent in quality and low in price.


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